Swiss Made

Permanent quality

The production of cookware and cooks' tools in Rikon – close to Zürich – has a long tradition that began way back in 1899. When it comes to quality, functionality and innovation Kuhn Rikon has always been the bench mark. This is only possible thanks to continious process-optimisation, modern production facilities and refined manufacturing steps.

To make good cookware is much the same as making a good meal. Just as no self-respecting chef would work with substandard ingredients, so we too buy only the very best raw materials. And we manufacture our cookware with just the same care and attention to detail as any budding gourmet would devote to the preparation of an exquisite meal. This means designing and developing our own production lines and using state-of-the-art CAD and CAM to develop cookware to satisfy even the most fastidious cooking enthusiasts. None of which would be possible without our team of designers and toolmakers.

Our production processes are planned and controlled by computer. The first step is to bend the top quality sheet steel into shape and then to fuse on the multi-layered base plates using a method we ourselves developed. The joints are then checked using electronic monitoring equipment. After fully automatic surface finishing and assembly, each item is again inspected to ensure the base is absolutely flat before being individually packed.

Thanks to our computer-controlled high-bay warehouse that went into operation in 1982, we can locate and deliver every product in our range within 24 hours. Electronic inspection methods guarantee a consistently high standard of quality and our pressure cookers are not allowed out of the factory before being subjected to a durability test simulating 50 years of use.

Kuhn Rikon cookware and cooks' tools keep their promises – lifelong.


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