For extra comfort and design

COLORI+ Knives

Our Colori®+ knives are ultra sharp in so many ways - quality, performance, color and Swiss design.


RedDot award-winning design

Ratchet Grater

Simply insert cheese into the easy-to-open compartment
and move ratchet back and forth. The Ratchet Grater is
easier on the hands than traditional graters.


From the stove directly to the table


The HOTPAN is the pot that cooks almost entirely by itself!
It carefully prepares meals and keeps them warm for up
to 2 hours. What is more, its contemporary design adds
a splash of colour to your kitchen.


He is the best!

Safety Master opener

Makes opening cans, bottles and more clean,
safe and fun. A super-handy version of our
self-attaching Auto Safety LidLifter®.
Opens everything!


absolutely splashy is the foldable design

Splatter Guard

Our popular Splatter Guard in a new folding design allows
you to stir and add ingredients while the splatter guard
stays on, protecting both you and your stovetop.


Fun to use, easy to clean

Colori Cucina

Available in a rainbow of sizzling colour with
ceramic or non-stick interior coating.

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