DUROMATIC® Pressure cookers

Safe, sleek and easy to use

Duromatic® Pressure Cookware makes it easy to put healthy delicious meals on the table quickly. Savoury chicken soup in 8 minutes. Risotto in 7 minutes. Pot roast in 45.

The standard of pressure cooking safety worldwide. Duromatic®'s automated lid-locking system and multiple safety release back-up systems give you ultimate peace of mind. Its spring-loaded valve eliminates guesswork - you see the exact pressure and then know when to start and stop cooking. So there's no danger of overcooking. Plus, no noisy steam escapes - it's blissfully quiet.

Intense flavours, perfectly cooked meals every time. Duromatic® not only saves an incredible amount of time, it produces healthy and delicious food. Vitamins are sealed in, instead of boiled away as with conventional pots. Vegetables keep their bright colours. Meats are tender and succulent. And flavours are so intense that less seasoning is needed. Everything - from tasty soups to hearty main dishes to heavenly desserts - cooks to perfection in a Duromatic®.

The green choice. Duromatic® is not only healthy for you, it's healthier for our planet - using up to 60% less energy. It's one delicious way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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